Our Organisation

Since 1987, the TSI Group Malaysia has firmly established itself as one of Malaysia’s fastest growing and well respected building products and services group of companies. The Group today, is made up of 7 subsidiaries and 25 affiliated companies.

The Group has shown rapid growth over the past decade and this is the direct result of our reputation for integrity, reliability, quality and professionalism. Having come a long way since its inception, the Group’s diversity has evolved to a point where we are almost reaching total synergy. The interrelated nature of the companies and business activities within the Group encourages forward and backward integration between the companies.

The Group currently has over 150 employees. It also employs indirectly through labour subcontractors in excess of 500 skilled, semi-skilled and general workers.


Over the years, the major companies within the Group have received several accreditations, some of which are internationally recognised and the others, are necessary in the building and construction industry in Malaysia.

A summary of the accreditation of the Group include: –

  • ISO9001:2008 Certification by SIRIM QAS Sdn Bhd
  • Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia (“CIDB”) G7
  • Enterprise 50 (1999 & 2000)
  • The Malaysia Book of Records


Times change. Perspectives are broadened by experience. The heralding in of a new age signifies a time for hope and optimism, reaffirmed by the labour of individuals who constantly strive to move TSI Group Malaysia forward. Consistent quality of our products and services is the rule, not the exception.

In future fortification of its stature as a formidable force to be reckoned with, TSI Group’s strategic alignment with companies that have similar ethos and entrepreneurial spirit will enable the organisation to reap the rewards in the short coming years, as TSI Group is poised to make its mark in the building industry within the ASEAN region.

With a track record built on uncompromising excellence and prompt response to changing market conditions, one can only expect TSI Group to charge ahead: Accept change as the only real constant, make calculated risk and response accordingly. Ultimately, we are prepared in facing challenges in a world changed forever.


  • Management Team with over 25 years of invaluable experience in the building and construction industry
  • Well-established support from some of the world’s renown suppliers of building products
  • Reputable to be a highly dependable specialist contractor who delivers on timely basis without comprising quality
  • Enjoy a strong foothold in the supply and installation of certain building products for hospitals in Malaysia
  • Smart partnerships in developing countries in the region to provide specialist contracting services in those countries
  • Dedicated in the development of its people and products in order to stay competitive in the industry, if not ahead in the industry
  • Strives to innovate its products and services to stay competitive as well as to meet impending challenges posed in the building and construction industry



The TSI Group research and development efforts are primarily geared towards product development and expansion of new markets. Its focus is to develop pre-engineered, prefabricated building products and systems that can fitted at the site with minimal labour requirement. As these products are mainly manufactured off-sites, the quality, reliability, accuracy and speed of the construction can be enhanced as compared with the conventional methods of construction.

It has successfully developed its own cubicle curtain track under its own brand name. the Group’s hospital cubicle curtain track under the brand name Meditrack is a product made from high quality aluminium in natural anodish finish. Mediatrack allows the PVC liner running inside the full strength of the cubicle to run smoothly and quietly along the gliders without snagging and joints.

To remain competitive, the Group will continue to tap upon its efforts in the research and development of new product that can enhance on-site productivity, quality and reliability and customer satisfaction.